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Neytiri Neytiri

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God... you guys are frigin stuuupid

Why are you guys so F*&& stupid?

it's a fan rendering from the MOVIE AVATAR! You know the one that made Billions of dollars, Praised forever on TV/Radio/web and hated by millions because the story was a crap rip off of other movies with top of the line CGI that took 10 Years to finish. That and the Best 3D in a movie.

THEY ARE ALIENS, They DO NOT HAVE the same anatomy as Humans! For Christ sakes, learn something about actual artwork before you come here wasting space with useless comments.

Now onto the artwork.

Colors are great, I myself like the texture work you do in your other artwork but this one turned out awesome as well. Almost dead on.

Only the little parts like the foot and knee ( the way they were finished ) give it away as a drawing. Idk it just feels like those 2 tiny parts are a bit unfinished compared tot he other parts. it is a tough call.

The face looks great but theres 1 tiny detail that throws it off. I cant figure it out, it just comes off as odd. maybe something tiny isnt lined up correctly, something dumb like that. maybe if you mirrored it you would spot it?

I always loved your attention to detail on things like metal and stuff. bring the grass into detail and finish the little tiny bits here and there and it would be perfect.

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Ganondorf Ganondorf

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is it me or is it always the ones who say bad things about other peoples work cant draw themselves and have nothing on their pages.

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JoshSummana responds:

Nope - I think its true too... either that or its just one big massive coincidence!!

Recession Recession

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Paper Money already is an " I.O.U" Posters below. When Money was first invented aka Gold coins and such, it was faar to dangerous to hold onto. And heavy. people would store their gold into banks with a small fee and were Given an IOU " paper money " to show much much they had. When you wanted your gold you would bring your IOU's to the bank and have them traded back for your Gold.

Now back on topic. Yes drawing woman is the best!

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ToonHole responds:

You learn something new everyday... I don't, but it really sounds like you do. You sound smart.

Sci fi Chick Sci fi Chick

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Her bottom half is slightly too long.

The problem is mainly the hip section is too Long. I counted like 3 head circles in length of the top half of the legs as well as the bottom half. if you simply Opened it in photoshop, selected her bottom half from about her Bottom Ab and made it smaller it would work

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Admiral Adama Admiral Adama

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

you have a good start

try to not blend so much. IDK if your using corel painter or PS. But blending too much always makes it look at little too fake ( skin wise ). Also try to dipict the hair by more of a mass than drawing each strand. Pratice pratice :)

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asianidolfanart asianidolfanart

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good job.

great job, only thing i see off is the chin to mouth , but it could be fixed using the liqufiy tool and nudge it over or something.

Love the eyes.

propeta responds:

thanks for the constructive criticisms...i appreciate the art response

The Me The Me

Rated 3 / 5 stars

awesome work for your style

I Love the semi realism compared to the overly used anime style of your other works. love that its off centered, and the expressive marks just flow.kinda makes me feel depressed haha. only thing i can mabey think of to improve it is to mabey makes the core highlights ( the very core of the core) brighter, and darken some of the core shadows at random places, lke the tiny spot in the center of the lips.

But it could look better on ur pc, since these things tend to look differant on each monitor.

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Where Do You Go Where Do You Go

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I love them, what program.

I love them man. you could do magic with these if u found a way to mix them in other kinds of digital art. I would love to know what program/yech you use to make them. mabey some links to online guides.

Goodwork man

Nova Blizzard Art contest 2005 Nova Blizzard Art contest 2005

Rated 3 / 5 stars

time for a real review.

Overall Color is good.

The pose is stiff and boring, Kinda liek you just drew from an anatomy book and threw armor on it.

The background is interesting but dosnt help or interact with the character at all.Kinda like it was draw on a layer under it.

The overall perspective seems a bit off. the char/gun go great together but the background dosnt. I can tell because the Girl is right on infront of you but the background isnt. It looks liek your looking up and down the hall way.

could be due to the roof?

Overall its an ok picture but i doubt it will win a blizard contest. ( sorry if i was harsh but thats how we grade work in my classes at school, to the point and no beating around the bush).

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